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Distribution Services

Subject to any restrictions applied through security rules, PageTiger documents can be accessed through a web link and/or embedded within an existing website or intranet.

Administrators may also use TigerPlayer and/or TigerMailer to distribute content.

Users may download and install the Tiger Player application to a computer attached to a digital display or kiosk. The User may add the device to their Account, set a device ID and control the issue displaying on each installation.

Each TigerPlayer installation is charged an annual subscription.

Users may access the TigerMailer interface in order to create an HTML email using content from an issue design, adding text and sending a mailing to a Visitor list.

Unless authorised in writing by PageTiger, the total emails sent across all Accounts within the Account Group is restricted to 5,000 recipients in any one month.

Subject to PageTiger’s agreement and any agreed additional charges, Customers may send additional emails per month.

TigerMailer service may be suspended where a Customer exceeds an acceptable level of unsubscribes and/or SPAM reports or is in breach of data privacy and/or GDPR restrictions within (a) the country in which the User is located or (b) the country in which the email recipient is located.

Where TigerMailer service is suspended, no refund will be due.

Additional Service Descriptions apply to:

  • Hosted Services
  • Support Services
  • Professional Services
  • Training Services