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Delivering a better new starter orientation

Reading time: 8–10 minutes.

Working from home looks like it is here to stay. But with this change comes a new set of challenges which HR needs to address.

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Bouncing Back - what you have missed so far

Reading time: 5 minutes.

Catch up on what’s been happening and what you’ve missed in the first 3 weeks of our new programme.

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What to consider when purchasing software? (Part 2)

Reading time: 8–10 minutes.

Here are some things you should consider when you have identified the software that will work for you.

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What to consider when purchasing software
(Part 1)

Reading time: 8-10 minutes.

Here are some things you should consider before purchasing any software for your business.

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It’s time to start bouncing back

Reading time: 10–12 minutes.

It's time for you and your organization to bounce back. Here's some tips to help you get ready for a return to normality.

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Did you know that the PDF is on its way out?

Reading time: 4 minutes.

The PDF was introduced to the world almost 30 years ago. It's such a staple, that it can be difficult to move on. Here's how you can...

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How to capture attention and increase engagement in 3 steps

Reading time: 5–8 minutes.

The success of a company is often determined by how engaged your employees are. How do you keep all your employees engaged?

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5 ways to improve your onboarding experience

Reading time: 5-10 minutes.

Onboarding has never been more critical, and a great onboarding process can decrease new employees leaving & increase staff retention.

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